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    Psychotherapy for ADHD

    Maybe you have a ton of tabs open on your computer. Maybe everything takes longer for you to do than your peers. Or you might often feel restless or feel the need to fidget with something and possibly focus better when your hands are busy doing so. You might find that you easily lose your train of thought or forget the weather forecast by the time the meteorologist reaches the end of the report. Prioritizing, planning, and organizing might be exceptionally difficult for you. You might leap before you look rather than “look before you leap.” ADHD is not just the child who seems to be climbing the walls and staying in constant motion until they fall asleep. It also is not something we outgrow in adulthood, as was once believed. Instead, adults have developed some maturity and impulse control that helps them engage in socially unacceptable behavior less often and less conspicuously. But they may find they unintentionally interrupt others, find it hard to focus in a noisy or busy environment, and be very inefficient at multi-tasking.

    Did you know that medication is not the only form of treatment that helps with managing distractibility and other symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorders? I can help you learn ways to cope with your symptoms.