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    About Debbie Duquette

    At Lighthouse Clinical Social Work, you get psychotherapy from Debbie Duquette, a caring, experienced Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. Debbie works with you to address what you would like to focus on. She uses a balanced approach that addresses the present without ignoring the past and is not all about telling you what to do, but not all about listening without providing any feedback. She works hard, pouring a lot of energy into helping you develop insight and get to know yourself better so you can discover the solutions you’ve been looking for.

    My Mission

    My mission is to provide high quality, inclusive, personalized outpatient psychotherapy to people in the Tennessee Valley area. I have a special focus on treating trauma and issues like attention deficits. (And years of experience with both!) 

    I believe in CommUNITY -- being inclusive, especially to people who've been marginalized (due to race, ethnicity, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, or other diversity). Everyone deserves a chance for hope and healing without judgment. 

    My Process

    If you are interested in a teamwork approach to emotional healing, I can help you on that journey. You are the expert on your emotions and experiences and you have the ability to heal from past difficulties or cope with current issues with some guidance, when necessary. I believe in helping you use your strengths to further develop your potential and address the issues that challenge you. I believe that although we are all individuals and there is no one-size-fits-all approach, there are many things that are universal experiences and unite us. We may each grieve in different ways over losses we face, but the emotions are universal. What comforts one person may be unhelpful to another, but we all have a need for acceptance and belonging.

    Let's work together

    I help you learn how to cope with stressors. We work together on choosing what goals you want to work toward and I guide you through the process of healing from what you've been through and/or are currently experiencing. Many people have improved their lives through psychotherapy and you can, too. If you are genuinely motivated to address your issues, then I am eager to help you learn how to help yourself. Let's work together to help you get on track. If you think we'd work well together on the issues that are troubling you, call the office to schedule an appointment.

    My Background

    Many years in a community mental health setting gave me experience treating an extensive number of diverse clients with a broad range of issues. I have also worked in the more specialized areas of therapeutic foster care, a children’s advocacy center, and an intensive outpatient setting for psychiatric and substance use disorders. I have worked with survivors of childhood sexual abuse since the start of my career in social work and have seen Attention Deficit Disorders in action for at least that long.

    I am licensed as a clinical social worker in both Alabama and Tennessee. 

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